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When facing adversity it will help to realize these key points.

Difficulties, trials, adversity is normal, expected and purposeful. 1 Peter 5:10
God will transform your life through adversity
Adversity is temporary.
If you meet people who have alot of character, have rich relationships, an amazing amount of wisdom and maturity and have great influence and are inspiring to others - I can pretty much guarantee they have been through adversity and come out the other side changed for the better.
Many times instead of going through adversity and letting it change us we give up -
We must overcome difficult, painful things in every season in our lives to become the people God purposes us to be - to confirm, strengthen and establish us.
We need to look at adversity differently - we need to
REFRAME our thinking in this area and instead of looking at it as "this is unfair"try looking at is that "This is normal" "This is expected", "This is creating a purpose in me", "This is temporary"
"What does God want to do with this in my life"
Instead of God changing our outward circumstances, He is changing you (if you allow Him) on the inside - You and I through adversity are becoming more patient, more loving, more kind, less critical and this can give us hope and give us a sense that there is purpose in our discomfort or pain.
Adversity is the unwanted and uninvited "friend" in the hands of an all knowing God - not your enemy ( as we usually view it) It is there to reveal to us our self - dependency and pride, give us deeper intimacy with Jesus and redirect our path to insure our greatest good and His glory - we learn to trust Gods character and His Word in all this and through all things.
So as it says in 1 Peter 5:10: After we have suffered a little while, Christ will restore you and make you STRONG, FIRM AND STEADFAST

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